About Elgie Sims

STATE REPRESENTATIVE ELGIE SIMS,understands the value of hard work and how to come up with common sense solutions to real world problems.

An attorney and second generation smallbusiness owner, Elgie's commitment to hard work began at an early age while working in his family's business, where he learned that "nothing in life is given, it must be earned." Throughout college and during his time working in Springfield, he often commuted from downstate Illinois to help run the family's business on Chicago's south side and while putting himself through law school.

Elgie's commitment to public service began at an early age, working in the youth ministry at his church. He continues to make a positive impact on every community of which he is blessed to be a part; as he was always taught, "too whom much is given, much is required." He remains active in many civic organizations whose mission is to improve the quality of life for the communities they serve. As a community leader, he has worked to provide scholarships and books to children in need and worked to make our communities more safe.

As Budget Director to the Illinois Senate Democrats, Elgie helped put millions of dollars into improving the quality of life in our communities, by providing funds for education, capital improvements, health care initiatives and economic development activities.

As our State Representative, Elgie continues to put our families and communities first. During his time in the Illinois House of Representatives he has championed legislation focused on improving the quality of our schools, strengthening the middle class by creating good jobs, bringing fiscal discipline to Springfield, and passing common sense public safety initiatives to make our streets safer.

Elgie, his wife Shivonne and their two daughters Kennedy and Mackenzie reside in the Chatham neighborhood of Chicago.